Ersatzteilsituation bei verschiedenen Modellen

Here, you can find an overview about the spare parts situation of DKW bikes. With our "spanner rating" you can figure out how difficult it will be to start a restauration. The ratings are based on our own experiences.

Very good situation. 
No problems with spare parts. Very good availibility in most areas.
     125/2, 125 2H, 200H, 250H, 175, 200/2, 175S, 200S, 175VS, 200VS
Good situation. All important spare parts are available. Single parts are not available but acceptable substitutions exist.     125W, 250/2, 250VS
Situation OK. Some important parts are difficult to get. It can take some time to look for these parts.     200, 250/1, 250S, 350S
Bad situation. Some important parts are not available or really rare.    Hummel, Hobby, 125, 125-1, NZ 350/350-1, NZ 250, KS 200, RT 2,5/3PS, KM 200, SB 250, SB 200
Very bad situation.  
Almost no parts to find. Part search can be a life task.
  NZ 500, SB 500, E200/300, Sport 250, RT 100, E 206 and all other not mentioned bikes