DKW Motorradtypen 1922-1958 

DKW has build a lot of bikes between 1922 and 1958. In order to get an overview,

we have listed all types with picture and the most important data. Please

choose the desired age category:

Motorräder 1922-1945

Bikes 1922-1945

Motorräder 1949-1958

Bikes 1949-1958



1959 - 19??: DKW and DKW not at all....


After DKW has closed his factory in 1957/58, the brand "DKW" was sold

to the Sachs Group. Later, this company sold some bikes as "DKW"

although these DKWs had nothing in common with a real DKW.

We are not able to support these "DKW" with spare parts - sorry.



The folling types are known by us:


DKW-Mofa (Germany, ca. 1965)

DKW Cross 125 (USA, ca. 1970)

DKW Wankel (England, ca. 1975)