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Here you can download our price lists for DKW parts, or access online. Searching for a specific part is easy: Please open the file and use the search function of Acrobat Reader by entering part name or part number.

Our main focus is on bikes built 1948 to 1959 (post WW II). We solely use the original DKW part numbers which consist of three groups of numbers. Parts are listed according to ascending "middle number" which makes it easy to find parts related. Please check bottom of this page for details of the DKW part number systematics. 

We also sell copies of the model specific original DKW part catalogs - see section literature of our price list. These catalogs contain all the explosion drawings and part numbers. They are a valuable help identifying worn or missing parts of your motorcycle.

In case you can't find your items in our price list please ask for them.

All prices include German consumer tax (VAT). Orders from outside the European Union will be delivered without sales tax. You might have to pay taxes or other fees at your local customs. Prices do not include fees for packaging, cash on delivery or shipping. The costs and Terms of Trade are listed on > this < page.

DKW Motorcycles (post WW II)
DKW Motorcycles (pre WW II)

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The DKW spare part number system:

The DKW part number consists of 3 groups of numbers:

 prefix number   -
main number
-   Index
The prefix number stands for the bike model for which the part has been developed (used first). That number does not change even in case the part is used in later bike models. The main number ("middle number")  includes the information about name and function of the part. The first digit (e.g. 1 = engine) stands for the product group (product class). Use that number to search in our price list. Spare parts are ordered by that number. The index number tells if the part was used from the very first build bike or if other additional parts are needed for a repair. The detailed coding can be found in the original DKW part catalogs.  

Prefix numbers and corresponding bike models:
4505 175 old (1954-55)   4795 200/2
4595 175 S+VS   4801 250
4601 125   4805 250 H
4699 125/2 + 2H   4885 250 S
4701 200 static frame + H   4895 250/2 + 250/1
4785 200 S+VS   4995 350